Serve Teams

Serve Teams

We are the best as a church when everyone finds their place to serve!

Serve Team Opportunities:

  • OU Kids Team: Open to infants through the 6th grade, OU Kids is passionate about letting every child know that they are children of God claimed by grace, they can have a relationship with Christ, and they can know His love. We help them recognize that the Holy Spirit is at work in their hearts so they have the power to do good and become more like Jesus. If you love working with children, we invite you to find your place to serve with OU Kids:Nursery, Infant-Preschool, Kindergarten-4th Grade, 5th-6th Grade, Special Events, Christmas Pageant.
  • OU Youth Team: OU Youth Ministry begins with adults who care for kids and seek to meet them in their world. These adults come alongside kids and build relationships of trust, a model based on Christ’s way of ministry revealed in the Bible. It shows kids God’s steadfast love for them and helps them know they have people who will walk with them through life’s decisions. Being a Youth LifeGroup leader is a long-term relationship with a student. LifeGroups meets weekly throughout the school year. There are openings for some high school life group leaders.
  • Greeter Team: OU Greeters extend a genuine welcome to people as they enter our building. This includes opening doors, engaging in friendly conversation, and assisting first-time guests in navigating the building. Greeters are located outside and inside the building.
  • Communion Server Team: Communion servers have the meaningful experience and honor of extending the bread and juice to those who come forward. Bonus: you can attend your regular service!
  • Production Team: Flashing lights, buttons, knobs, faders, computers, cameras, oh my! Lots of people are intimidated by these things, but let me assure you ANYONE can serve on this team. You don’t have to have skills in any of these areas. We will have people around to show you the ropes, help you succeed, and definitely have some fun along the way.As a member of the Production Team, you play a key role in making sure our services actually happen, both online and in-person. There are several different volunteer positions available in both the Modern and Traditional service, so sign up!

Email Pat Forrester, Missions-Outreach Coordinator, to join a Serve Team today!

Congregational Care

The generosity, kindness and consolation given through the Congregational Care Team touches every member of our congregation.  Help us support and care for one another.

  • Meal Support…as needed, in times of illness, accident, chemotherapy or other on-going treatments, funerals, new babies, and other situations.
  • Freezer supplies…Provide casseroles or desserts for freezer (home-made or not) to be used in all of the above situations.
  • Freezer…Help with reception and meal for the family and friends.
  • Prayer Team… The prayer team meets every week to pray for prayer requests.  Emergency request go out by phone and e-mail.
  • Deliver flowers… The altar flowers when left are delivered to Emeritus, Hermitage, Graceland and others.
  • Lay Speakers… Join the team of Lay Speakers who speak at Hermitage, Emeritus and Haven House.
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry... Knit or crochet a simple shawl which is to be given to someone in crisis.

Email Barbara Camp, Congregational Care Coordinator, to volunteer.