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Preschool Programs

DISCOVERY DAY SCHOOL is a ministry of Oxford-University United Methodist Church. Established in 1983, DDS provides a nurturing, safe environment in which children feel loved, respected and valued while they are encouraged to develop to their fullest potential socially, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Children of all faiths and nationalities are welcome.

We believe that each day should be filled with joy in learning, wonder, curiosity, and engaged investigation. We believe that children need time to acquire play skills so that they can learn to investigate, invent and problem-solve with complexity. We believe that the whole child – body, soul and mind – should be nurtured and challenged. We believe that teachers and families working together in partnership provide the highest quality preschool experience.

First Discoveries (formerly Mother’s Morning Out), a ministry of Oxford-University United Methodist Church, is designed to provide quality child care in a nurturing environment thus giving mothers and other caregivers a regular block of time to meet personal and family needs.

First Discoveries provides opportunities for toddlers and preschoolers to interact with a small group of children their own age on a regular basis and to enjoy happy learning experiences at church. Children of all nationalities and religions are accepted and welcome.



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2018-2019 Preschool Calendar