OU College exists to help college students make their faith their own, build meaningful relationships, and get plugged into the life of the local church during their time at Ole Miss! Through weekly gatherings, unique digital offerings, and connecting to the various ministry areas of the church, OU is a place for any and every college student to grow no matter where they may be at on their own journey.


Christian Essentials: The Lord’s Prayer

Christian Essentials is a conversation based series from OU College where we discuss foundational beliefs and practices of the Christian faith in-depth. Through these conversations, we spend intentional time to go deeper into the riches provided through the scriptures and through the inherited teachings of the universal Church.

Check out this month’s edition on The Lord’s Prayer.

OU College LifeGroups

We’ll be offering a lifegroup opportunity for college students to build community while digging deeper into their faith. Register today for Lifegroups!

OU College Mentors

In all aspects of life, mentors are essential to personal growth, especially during the formative years of college We have plenty of great people in the OU family who would love to connect with you! Looking for someone to walk with you on through the school year to give counsel, conversation, and friendship? OU College Mentors is for you!  Email Billy at billy@ouumc.org to learn more and sign up!

There’s more!

We’ll be having more spontaneous hangouts, events, and opportunities for students throughout the semester. To stay updated on what’s going on this semester in OU College, email Billy Rainey at billy@ouumc.org! #oucollege