Adults + LifeGroups

OU is a place where you will be welcomed wherever you find yourself on your spiritual journey. If you have questions and doubts you can’t express in most churches or if you have a desire to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus, we have a place for you!

Sunday School

We have Sunday School classes for all ages and stages in life on Sundays at 10:00 AM.

Don’t have a class yet? No problem! Start with Growth Track. Growth Track is a class that meets a few times a year and can help you find your place at OU. If you want more information about Growth Track, let us know. 


LifeGroups at OU are small gatherings of 10-15 people who meet in person or online to build community, discuss important questions, and pray together.

Everyone needs Christ-centered community!

LifeGroups are a great, flexible way to meet new people, build a support system, and establish a deeper connection to God. At OU, LifeGroups are composed of around 10-15 adults within the same age range. These groups meet at least once a month on any day of the week. Groups meet that meet at OU come together on the last Wednesday of the month, and childcare is provided for these groups. We have groups for college graduates through senior adults, as well as for single people and married couples.

Not in a group? There are two ways to get involved:

  1. Join a group: For those who are not well connected at OU yet or just don’t know who to ask about a LifeGroup, simply fill out the LifeGroup form and we’ll be in touch. 
  2. Start a group: Already connected at OU and know others who want to be in a LifeGroup? Start one! Contact Wes Ingram to help you get started and provide resources for you.

If you’re already in a group and happy there, you just need to show up at your next gathering!

For groups with children that need childcare: The last Wednesday of each month is LifeGroup night for groups with parents who need childcare. Childcare is provided, and a meal is available for $10 per plate for adults and free for children. 

Want to join a LifeGroup? Let us know!

Interested in leading a LifeGroup? Take a next step in your faith journey and apply to lead a group! Whether you worship in person or online, sign up here: LifeGroup Leader Application.