Looking for a deeper connection with a body of believers? Want new friendships that make a positive impact on your life? Want to dig deeper into topics of faith? OU LifeGroups are for you!

Normally, the summer is the time in Oxford, Mississippi when things slow down, but 2020 is not a normal year! We are sensing the need to start some new Summer LifeGroups.

LifeGroups at OU have always been a way to build community and grow in your faith through conversation with 10-12 other adults. 

Summer LifeGroups will be a little different. They will be weekly virtual gatherings, June 1-July 31. Each group will decide the best time for them to meet each week.

The focus will be to cultivate some holy friendships to support each other and pray for each other in a difficult season. Each meeting will give each person an opportunity to answer three basic questions:

How are you holding up? How is your soul? 
Where are you seeing God’s grace right now? 
What do you need prayer for this week?

Registration is for people who have never been a part of a group or who desire to be in a new group. If you are already in an existing 2019-2020 LifeGroup and you wish to continue meeting with them, there is no need to register. Just keep meeting with your group! 

No childcare will be provided.