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Worship Series




Summer is the season of epic stories at the theater. Superhero stories. Thrilling adventures. Futuristic tales. Legendary heroes. Summer is the time when we flock to the theater to see and hear epics.

Scripture tells its own epic story. But most of us miss it. We spend most of our time focused on Jesus and the disciples, but the great story of God begins with creation, with the garden of Eden. For us to understand the truth of our faith we must go back to the beginning of the saga. Adam and Eve, Noah, Abram and Sarai, Moses, Deborah, David and Solomon tell the epic saga of God’s ongoing quest to redeem, restore, and ransom his creation. Their story is a part of our story.

Join us on Sundays this summer beginning June 5 to find your place in the Epic of Eden. If you miss a week you can catch up on the O-U podcast (find it at ouumc.org or on iTunes).