OU Youth is a place where students grades 7th – 12th are encouraged to take up the mantle of their faith in new and exciting ways. We know that these years are crucial in the spiritual development of our students and offer them a place to grow in their faith through worship, study, community, and conversation.

For more information about any of our programs, contact Youth Minister Jonathan Hester.

While we’re worshiping from home, we’ve got activities and events your youth can participate in every day. Follow @ou_youth on instagram for daily updates.

Service Sundays

After our church service live streams (9:00 Modern & 10:55 Traditional, livestreams available on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube), we will be encouraging students to engage with us in conversation over the sermon topic. This will range from asking them to send us their thoughts, major takeaways, etc. We will also be giving students a way to serve others that day/week.

Motivational Mondays

Our goal with this day is to share with students encouraging words either through scripture, songs, quotes, images, or videos. We know that our youth are dealing with the isolation in different ways, but we want to encourage them during this time.

Super Tuesdays

We will be posting ways for the students to engage with us in a fun and interactive way–things like a household scavenger unt or drawing competitions. It’s not 9 square in the Activities Center, but we think we will have a good time!

LifeGroup Wednesdays

Students will meet with their LifeGroups at 6:00 PM through either FaceTime or Zoom. We hope if your students haven’t ever gotten involved in a LifeGroup they will take this opportunity! These meetings are another way for us to simply ask how your student is doing while being in community with their fellow students. For meeting information, email Jonathan Hester.

United Thursdays

At 6:00 PM we will be going live on Instagram for our United Youth Service. We hope that your student will join us for mid-week worship and teaching.

Unplugged Fridays

We are teaching students the HEAR (Highlight, Exam, Apply, Respond) method of reading the bible and asking them to put it into practice each Friday. We will give everyone a passage of scripture to read and encourage you as a parent to follow along as well!

Social Distancing Saturdays

This day is all about creative things to do while practicing social distancing. We will post ideas your student can do when the cabin fever starts to set in.