Each Sunday in May, we’ll be releasing a virtual Equip Class on our Youtube channel. Equip Classes are a series of three-week, short courses that are designed to equip you to live out your faith in your daily life.

May 3: Coping Well
Dr. Matt Campbell, member of OU and local counselor, focuses on our mental health needs during the season of sheltering at home and beyond. He talks about how we can continue to make healthy social connections, manage grief, discover new coping strategies, and create new structures.

If you’re looking for counseling help, we can connect you with someone. Fill this form out, and we’ll get in touch with you.

May 10: Holy Friendships
The practice of social distancing, while important to communal health and well being, has intensified individual feelings of isolation. How much worse when the church is cut off from its regular rhythm of communal worship and prayer? Nevertheless, God has not left us without resources. Christian spirituality is an untapped well of ancient wisdom and practices. This class will explore the Wesleyan model of discipleship which centered on small gatherings of 50 people, 10-12 people, 3-5 people. Greg Jones has called the genius of this model the cultivation of holy friendships. He writes, “Holy friends challenge the sins we have come to love, affirm the gifts we are afraid to claim and help us dream dreams we otherwise would not dream.” Holy friendships create space for conversations. And conversations save lives.

May 17: Missional Life
A life of purpose and significance has little to do with how many accomplishments you accumulate or how much money you amass. It has everything to do with finding the unique role you have to play within the mission of God. God is on a mission to heal and restore Creation.The Church is an agent of God’s mission to heal and restore Creation. Every Christian is commissioned in baptism for participation in the mission of God to heal and restore Creation. This class will help you to discover a missional life, that is a life that is oriented not towards your own success but towards the mission of God.