Two Live Classes every Sunday at 10:00 AM.Equip Classes offer short, relevant topical classes aimed at continual growth and equipping the saints for life and work of ministry. If you have already completed Growth Track but don’t have a Sunday School class, Equip Classes are a great next step!

November 2021 Classes

Faith and Finances
Led by Ken Parkinson
Room 226 (North Hall)

This month’s Equip Class will cover a number of areas of Faith and Finances, including God’s Kingdom ideal and your finances, Christian Stewardship, Finances and Relationships, Healthy Budgeting.

These topics and tools will help you consider your financial situation and how it relates to your spiritual life and your relationships with others.

Understanding the Abrahamic Faiths
Led by Lesley Walkington
Room 230 (North hall)

In spite of their differences, Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship the same God. They also share many similar beliefs, customs and traditions—the importance of prayer, celebrations, and pilgrimage. By better understanding these religious traditions, people with different faiths can find common ground in order to uplift the quality of human relationships worldwide on a shared ethical basis. 

Just as Abraham was obedient to God, it is our Biblical responsibility to continue in his footsteps building bridges of reconciliation and peace.